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April 24th, 2013, 04:04
Originally Posted by mikloy View Post
Furthermore, to say that the graphics engine is directly detrimental to gameplay is something you would need to explain with something other than an expression of personal bias. While I am also not a fan of any existing 3D turned based strategy games that doesn't mean it can't be done right or that it is the cause of poor gameplay.
I never said that 3D is necessarily a bad thing, only that the implementation of 3D has been detrimental to the Heroes series so far. If done in some other way, it might have turned out better. Who knows?

I'm mostly talking about the overland map here. It's supposed to be a map, not an actual landscape. This is a game with a high level of abstraction; towns and armies are represented by icons, basically. I like the way it all comes together in Heroes III. It's visually appealing, yet clear and functional. The later versions look good enough, but don't work as well in practce. The overland 3D view in V and VI is closer to something that you would expect in a third person action game. I would prefer a map that looks like a map. Also, the clarity and functionality of the town building view in Heroes III has yet to be matched.

Of course it's my personal bias, but I know that it's shared by many.
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