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April 24th, 2013, 08:24
Oh great, I first notice this topic 10 minutes past bedtime?? That's just cruel!

My first computer gaming… I think that would be when I started using the money that I was supposed to be spending on my 5th grade bowling league to play pinball games and a video game that came out just a bit after Pong - some kind of jet fighter thing. (There was something a lot like it on the Atari 2600 Combat cartridge.) We also got some sort of Pong-like console game with about 4 variations of Pong built in. That would have been 1976, give or take a year.

We did eventually get an Atari 2600 (which I still have down in the basement) and that got played a lot. Dungeons & Dragons came along, though, and started pushing the gaming off.

Then came the Apple ][+. I still remember when my dad announced we would get one, I laid awake that night thinking of the possibilities. I mean, that computer had FORTY EIGHT KB! B as in BYTES not bits! My God, you could put an entire WORLD in that thing! Well, maybe not the world, but certainly something like Australia. I was in 10th grade by then.

As I've mentioned maaany times, the first "PC" (well, Apple, but it wasn't a console so it must have been a PC, right?) game I bought was Ultima 2. I had to save up for months to get it but wow, what a game! It DID have the whole world in it, several copies of it in fact in different eras of time, and also had other planets in the solar system as well! 48K rules. My friend and I played that game to death. Let me tell you, it was way way better than those games you type in yourself out of a magazine. The Eamon Adventures were really fun. Oh, and Planetfall made it so I now cry and apologize to anyone named Floyd.

When I went off to college, I got an Atari 800XL for my graduation present. By that time, I was really hooked. So many games… "War in Russia" got played a lot, and M.U.L.E, and Alternate Reality: The City (ooo, 3D!), and I don't know how many others. Me and a few friends would also wake up at 2am occasionally and go into the campus computer center to play Empire and Hack on their mainframe computers.

The Atari 800XL eventually became an Atari ST. The big game there was Air Warrior on GEnie. Paying $6/hr for an online game was WAY WAY too much but it was incredibly fun.

But eventually the Atari computers (and Amigas) died out. One of the guys at Kesmai actually phoned me up to tell me that they were going to discontinue support for Atari. {For the record, Electronic Arts never did that for me.} I did finally get one of those eeeeevil IBM Clones… but I made sure it also had OS/2 Warp on it so I wouldn't be totally consumed by Gates' evil empire. I even used it. A little.

OK, now VERY late for bed. I'll probably fall asleep at work tomorrow and dream of the Temple of Apshai, which a friend of mine had on his old Atari. Sheesh, it didn't even give room descriptions, it just gave a number and you had to look the description up in the manual. Not a good dream. Friggin' MadGamer.
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