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April 24th, 2013, 09:29
Originally Posted by stealth View Post
Spot on, it was Betafon. I completly forgot they started out in Istedgade. I remember being there once looking for an Amiga platformer called Leander.
I don't think I ever visited Ramsoft but the name sounds familiar. Perhaps I remember the name from a magazine ad.
It was located near "Trianglen" - and was a fantastic little shop run by gamers who always knew when games were supposed to come out.

It was back before the Internet was common and we had limited sources of information.

Hehe, I remember I used to buy gaming magazines all the time. I bought 3-4 each month - and ended up with hundreds that I reluctantly threw out because I had no room for them. Amiga Format was my favorite and it was a HUGE magazine

Then I discovered Usenet back in 1992 or something - and that became my primary source of information until the Internet "broke through" with the public.




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