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April 24th, 2013, 11:12
Went to the theater yesterday with friends, to see Oblivion and a documentary about a forgotten musician from the seventies, entitled Searching for Sugar man. Me and my friend much more appreciated the documentary than the Hollywood blockbuster. Oblivion is a good entertainment, with a fine setting and a solid story but it lacks in the acting department. The two actress are both hot but they act on an average level, even though with some better moments. Morgan Freeman is doing the job, as usual, but without any real inspiration. And then there's the real casting error of the movie, Tom Cruise ! What can I say about Tommy ? He is the aging ladies man he used to be and there we are. He's as talented as any actor from the U.S. soaps with THE look but nothing more than that. To me he simply lacks of talent and that's it. All in all I would rate Oblivion as an average movie with great CGIs and a good plot but an average cast as well.

Sugar man on the other hand is a wonderful and moving true story about an ordinary man who lives an extraordinary life. It's a story of hope and love that I heartily recommend to every one and especially to those who are fans of excellent folk songs. It's the kind of movie you'll think about long after leaving the projection and hopefully you'll end up trying to find a long forgotten record ?
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