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April 24th, 2013, 22:26
I haven't played the 1 and won't play the 2. That series seems have been build upon a reputation of being difficult, and change that for a series considered successful, would be weird.

But conclude that this is how it should be is going very far. It's quite obvious that difficulty is a very complicated subject. A game difficulty doesn't mean the same difficulty for everybody, from far.

The problem is many players won't bother raise the difficulty even if they have the tools to do it and then will whine it's too easy. That series is made for those players I'll let them the pleasure to play it. I'm more mature and know when a game becomes too easy and search how improves that.

And for RPG I'm particularly suspicious because too many players will consider do very boring stuff just to optimize their characters and then have a quite easier difficulty. Just look at the number of MMO fans and you know I have the point.
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