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April 24th, 2013, 23:59
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
One thing I might suggest is that in 90's RPGs such as Wizardry there was a lot of paging out to set your spells, the power of your spells etc. More modern games want to do all that without resorting to lots of screens, which take you out of the game. Might be an idea to look at M&M legacy (provisional) interface which has a skill bar, for instance. Also Grimoire has a reasonably nice system that retains your last round attacks, although I feel that it is still a bit cumbersome.
I think you've lost me here. Can you give me an example to clarify what you're trying to say?

Originally Posted by Roq View Post
One thing that isn't clear is how the transition to combat occurs in your system within the new graphics environment - it appears that the combat screen is a separate mode that you change to when an encounter begins.
That is correct. It will be similar to games like "Pool of Radiance," where combat occurs on a different screen. And that's mainly because many of the things present during combat aren't present during other parts of the game, so keeping them separated is important if I want the combat to be tactical in any way.

Sure, I could have gone with the Might & Magic or Wizardry version of combat where you see your enemy and most everything happens in text with a few flashes to the screen. But, I personally don't care for that, and I feel that I should be building the kind of game that I would want to play. If I do that, I can't go wrong.

Originally Posted by Roq View Post
Like the idea of camping - it's reminiscent of Realms of Arkania and it would be good to see some of the camping ideas that they had there to make travelling a lot more interesting than it is in other games.
Originally, I wanted this game to be completely old school (including the graphics). Even though I have updated the graphics, I still want a definitive old school gameplay element. Those old games had options for camping and resting, where you were on pins and needles because you didn't know if you'd be attacked while you were sleeping and trying to recover your precious life and mana.

So, it's definitely important in this game. The only safe place to rest will be in an inn. Out in the wilderness, anything goes.

Originally Posted by Roq View Post
Don't see why you need save/load etc on the bottom bar, which wastes usable screen space, would be better on an escape menu with keyboard short cuts (f5=quick save etc).
You're probably not wrong. I just didn't know what else to stick in the corner. I had space to fill. It's still a work in progress, and feedback like this helps.

So, thanks for the feedback.
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