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April 25th, 2013, 00:01
Originally Posted by Moorkh View Post
I know I should probably post this on the PE page, but this is a really bad concept for a medieval fantasy village. It's inefficient, virtually indefensible and economically quite impossible. Where are the fortifications? Why aren't buildings built adjacent to each other? And how are these people supposed to feed themselves without any farms providing the produce that the apparent craftsmen and specialists in these houses offer their services for?
I won't insist on realism in a fantasy game, but on some degree of plausibility.
Have you ever seen an actual medieval village? There are still a lot of them left in Europe.

A village of 7 buildings typically doesn't have fortifications. But in this village there seems to be a ruined tower, which in the past was the place of safety for villagers. And it's rather typical for small medieval villages, that buildings are not adjacent on each other.

The farms would surround the village, but not on immediate vicinity. Because a farm needs *fields* to produce food.
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