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April 25th, 2013, 00:52
Agree with you about old school mechanics and also the camping in ROA just made the world seem so much larger and a more real environment. Loved the idea of winter clothes, diseases etc. but I suppose would be easy to overdo all that .

What I mean about the interface is that old games tend to have a lot of screen overlays. For instance, when you cast a spell, a new screen (Dialog box) pops up where you have to select the element, the spell you wish to cast and the power level. What I think is better is to have a quickbar (or whatever) on the main screen action area, then when you flip through your characters to set their attacks the quick bar changes to show the skills available for each character. If you look at, for instance, the recent Wasteland 2 and M&M legacy videos you should see what I'm trying to get at. So what I'm suggesting is trying to handle your whole combat and adventuring interfaces without popping up subsidiary windows. That requires maximal use of screen real estate to avoid making the main screen look cluttered. In the projects I design (trading systems), I would never be able to use additional screens, since then the traders wouldn't be able to see RT market feeds; everything critical has to be accessible without obscuring the main screen (obviously you do need some screens for inventory etc.). Maybe that is less important with turn based games, but still good for immersion & ease of use, I think. Old mechanics are good, but old interfaces aren't.

Not criticizing having a separate combat screen, seems like a valid way of doing it if you can get more depth that way for the combat style you want.
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