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April 25th, 2013, 01:51
7 buildings didn't make a village in medieval times (nor do they now). At most, that would have been considered a hamlet, more likely a steading. And in one of those, you'd exclusively find agricultural buildings.
And until the late medieval, they'd still have some means of defense, a palisade, earthworks or an enclosure of sorts. These were not safe times, there was actual danger out there (to the livestock even if not to the populace).

Now, Obsidian is not just calling this a village, but an actual town.
This corresponds well to the sort of buildings they have. The tower clearly points towards a seat of nobility or a magistracy. Other buildings, all of them stone structures might signify the presence of trade, crafts, scholarship or clergy. In short, a degree of relative wealth, and the requirement of others, farmers (serfs) close by to feed them.
Where do they live? A town would have tight rows of buildings along the roads with kitchen gardens out back, surrounded by significant defenses and extensive fields outside, even for just a couple hundred inhabitants.
My point stands: plausibility?
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