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April 25th, 2013, 11:22
Oh it's good news that they aren't saying goodbye to the Witcher Universe! I grew to love it and a switch to a cyberpunk setting upset me a lot.

I still wish they considered at least giving a choice of gender to your player in the future games. That much could be figured out how to weave into the story, me thinks. And it would make girl and woman players so damn happy, while there are no dwarves and elves to make happy by including the choice of race.

The talk on piracy is surprising. Maybe it's because of the country, I mean, people in some first-world country probably would never consider piracy so calmly and wouldn't openly express hope that those who can't buy games will buy them in the future. I'm sure this non-hostile attitude would actually make people consider buying, even if they actually steal.

The person in the interview comes off sincerely nice on all accounts, as if untouched by all kinds of cynicism (like anti-EA or something).
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