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April 25th, 2013, 11:33
I have no problem with piracy - but it's a bit naive to think that people are "fighting the system" when they pirate games.

I've pirated many games - and I've had many reasons, none of which I feel like trying to justify to anyone.

But stealing things you enjoy when you have the opportunity to support those who spent time working on it is not something I think should be encouraged.

DRM is a necessary evil from the point of view of publishers and most developers. I honestly have no problem with it - as long as there are no other obvious ways around piracy.

My problem with publishers and developers has nothing to do with them wanting to get paid for their work - but them not wanting to create something from the heart. So, I'll pirate games as a means to determine when something is actually from the heart or not - and that's justification enough for me.

I'm interested in games from the heart - and I'll pay pretty much whatever price for that within reason. But in this marketing and PR saturated bullshit industry - I feel piracy is one of the few ways to actually get the truth of what a game really is.

So, if they want someone like me to stop testing their shit games through piracy - they should start caring about the games they make. Then I'll spend my money gladly, with a big smile on my face.

This is what I do when developers like CDPR release games. The Witcher 2 was a masterpiece - and definitely from the heart. That's all you need to do, really.

But I'm not "fighting the system" - because my vote has absolutely no influence. Nothing I buy or not buy will make a difference. So, I'd be bullshitting myself and everyone else by pretending I'm fighting the good fight. It's not a fight - it's me doing what I think is right for myself, nothing more.




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