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April 25th, 2013, 14:03
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
I Didn't really understand this update. The 800k goal is to make henchmen into "companions". I am not sure in that respect why you then still need henchmen in addition to companions: Why should companions be less flexible in their builds than henchmen and why can't you swap them in from your shelter? This doesn't seem very clear although I'm sure Larian will do what is best for the game.

Nice to see the funding really taking off in the last few days!
Henchmen have specializations that may be useful in certain situations. An example given was hiring a henchman with a specialization in water magic when you have to deal with a difficult fight involveing lots of "fire" creatures. So you may still want to hire henchmen to compensate certain weaknesses in your other party members.
Basically i guess you'll have a choice of a few fleshed out companions, with detailed personalities, dialog, maybe associated quests. In addition you'll have a larger selection of Henchmen with various specializations not represented in the companions. These have some background, simple dialog, but are generally in it for the money, mercenaries, the silent type.
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