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April 25th, 2013, 14:37
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
Yeah, I did one of those quests. Was level 54 and I died quite a few times trying to do it, but eventually was able to craft some sort of infused gem at the end of it. Nice.
You are getting within spitting distance of Grand Stair eligibility. We had a 58 in our group last night. It was a great run. Officially doable at 56 although you'd need some 65+ in the 6 man group to keep the heat off. I do multiple runs a day (daily challenge then full). When the group is composed of level 57-67 like it was last night (and we only had 5 in the group) it really is fun because of the challenge and importance of performing your role. We did wipe once but it was because the healer got in melee range on AoE with a boss troll. 2nd try no mistakes and very satisfying.

So anyway… as soon as you are eligible I'll invite you! BTW I finally gave in and joined a kin myself. http://guardiansoffreedom.guildlaunch.com/
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