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April 26th, 2013, 00:19
Replayed and just finished Fallout:New Vegas.

Enjoyed it a lot, especially DLC that I haven't had in the first run and all 4 are really some quality stuff. Well… Except the fact that some things you get IMO too late, for example portable bed (now why did they took the idea already seen in Divine Divinity as an item when it could have been a perk?).

The game itself didn't crash a lot, it did crash can't say it didn't, but honestly, compared to FO3, those few gamefreezes are really ignorable thing. Stumbled upon a few bugs, nothing serious really, just some scripting problems (Cass speaks something completely illogical before you take her as a companion since you nailed some gangsters that would be a part of her quest later, and such stuff). In any case based on the game log in PIPboy I've solved 135 quests so there. And none of those was "radiant", in fact "grinding", but most were unique stuff not seen in other parts of the game.

The game has a great story and unbelievably good sidestories, can't say I'm surprised giving the fact the same team from FO1/FO2 made it. And it's all so interesting I actually had to read all those logs and diaries/diarypages as I've enjoyed, dunno, for example the diary of the lunatic that thought his family and cattle are lurking on him so in the end he burned his house with him trapped inside it.

So not just with almost none bugs, with numerous different and interesting quests, and also with the rich story F:NV completely outshines both it's predecessor FO3 and it's "engine successor" TES:Skyrim.

But I wouldn't go as far as to give it 10/10. There are two things I simply won't and can't forgive.
For whatever reason, there are no "kinky" perks in F:NV. Yes, you can have sex, but you can't become "sexpert". Or "porn star". Also you won't become a "childkiller" nor "gravedigger" no matter how much you try. IMO that's a huge minus. I really didn't (re)play the game to receive those, but in the end, I asked myself, hell, after so many graves I've looted, it'd be nice to know that even with an useless perk attached.
The second thing I'm furious about is the endless mobrespawning idiocy. Even a stupidest player can grab new levels quickly on those mobrespawns anywhere and anytime. A complete design disaster, but since Josh was the project director, no wonder that filler thing in unquality stuff got blessed to be a part of the game.

So in my case I'd put 9/10 on this game and seriously, I can't believe that Metacritic total placed it under FO3 and TES:S as F:NV is a better game and more fun than both of them. One thing I still can't believe is that Bethesda, seeing that in F:NV you can "push" your sidekick away from you if he/she/it blocks some passage, didn't make the same option years after for Skyrim's bloody grandmaster-of-passageblocking Lydia!
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