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April 26th, 2013, 08:05
Hehe, great . I'm writing all the time. Quite often, games or pictures of games inspire me to write, but unless it's a professional affair (like, when I was editor-in-chief of a corporate magazine), it's bits and pieces mostly. There's no need to write the boring stuff and exposition when I know what will happen, anyway, right?

Sometimes I get to use those fragments years later in a different context. For example, I wrote a fragmentary Quake II fanfic of roughly 80 pages back in … well, back in Quake II times. When I was offered to write a novel for a military SF series a few years ago, I reused several of the characters and situations of that fanfic, sometimes whole pages of text (had to translate them, though), plus I nabbed a whole chapter from one of my other 'personal projects' (about 300 pages of military (grotesque) fiction written for the drawer, or rather, myself) because it fit the theme and atmosphere of the novel.

I once used the handles of several RPGDot forumites in a fantasy novel (that had originally been inspired by SoulCalibur, mind you), but I asked those who where still available aforehand. And I used several pen&paper characters in said military SF novel … because the series played in the universe of the p&p RPG I had played about 20 years prior. Here I also asked the players of said characters if I could use them. So you see, I tend to do stuff like this regularly . But as I don't write professionally anymore (unless asked), all the stuff I still write is written for the drawer.
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