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April 26th, 2013, 15:26
It's nice to see a reasonable analysis of the piracy situation. Several small indies have gone the way of releasing their own torrents soon after publishing. What are the benefits of this?

1. You ensure that a full, non-buggy game is available on release, so no false reports of a broken game start circulating. (this happened to Titan Quest, and according to the developers basically ruined them)
2. You appeal to the pirate to purchase your game directly in the torrent.
3. Save yourself the cost of making a demo.
4. You are still not obligated to torrent the patches and updates.
5. Satisfaction that the jackass out there waiting to crack your DRM now has no motivation to do so.

The only reason DRM "worked" for Diablo 3 is that Blizzard is a powerhouse with a 20 year reputation, which they all but flushed in their handling of that game. If an indie company tried that kind of crap, I'm guessing they would go under.

It's worth repeating that no study (including many studies funded by media industry orgs like the RIAA and MPAA) has ever found a correlation between piracy and lower profit.
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