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April 26th, 2013, 15:52
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
The only reason DRM "worked" for Diablo 3 is that Blizzard is a powerhouse with a 20 year reputation, which they all but flushed in their handling of that game. If an indie company tried that kind of crap, I'm guessing they would go under.
I guess that's why Path of Exile is having such success with its online-only model - despite the fact that it's exactly like Diablo and would have worked fine in a LAN environment.

No, it has to do with people paying for games they want to play if there's no other option available.

Yes, PoE is F2P - but thousands of people paid for early access and supported developers through various contributions.

Not bad for a small indie title.

It's worth repeating that no study (including many studies funded by media industry orgs like the RIAA and MPAA) has ever found a correlation between piracy and lower profit.
Countless studies have been made showing countless things, depending on your agenda.

For people with brains: Piracy = lower profit in many cases. Not in all cases, though - and definitely not often the cause of outright failure of any game.




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