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April 26th, 2013, 18:47
If the game is good, in an affordable price and made by a company the community likes then piracy goes down.

If the game is "average" just to kick 10 hours out of it, in an ridiculously $60 price tag by a company everyone knows its filthy rich, then piracy goes up.

Don't believe me? go see kickstarter. Even today Larian Studios got nearly $1.000.000 dollars by fans to a game thats not even released yet, upfront.

Do you see piracy an equation here? players wanted a great game, have faith in the company and don't mind paying a million dollars just for it to be made. Do you think they would do the same to fund the next COD ? yeah right.

Make a good game, respect your gammers, put it at a reasonable price and stop being cheese moneygrabbers to apease your stock-holders and people will make less piracy.
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