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April 27th, 2013, 13:49
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
Also with the c&c, is it just 1 big decision like he mentions in the interview or are there also other smaller decisions that shape the story?
Actually there are some more c&c elements (protecting mutants or "hating" them for example in chapter 1), but nothing that'd completely change the course of the story.

I'm now on the final chaper (yea, already). There are some small story stuff to put as a minus (badly written ending on some sidequests like coin killer and utterly silly executed romance). Bugs with crafting feats (requirements are met even if you don't upgrade but just try to upgrade without components, 10 crafted items won't count on two nail/med packs of 5 items but you have to craft 1 by 1 item 10 times) is a minor thing but well… You know me when I go nitpicking. The biggest minus IMO are bloody mobrespawns in the game, if that was removed, the game would be at least 10 times better.

But overall I have to admit I had so much fun with the game (in first 3 chapters), more than with some popular and famous titles. It's not great or awsome game by any means, but it's really good. I wish someone out there will see what devs made there with not much funds and will give them a chance to make something bigger. They've shown they can.

Originally Posted by Zagorin View Post
It is looks like Deus Ex or maybe Witcher 2 from the mechanics point of view. They say that it contains stealth elements, too.
Yes, it has stealth, but it's not DX:HR stealth mechanics. In fact the game here encourages you to use every possible means available, you can't just use stealth everywhere and that's it, as in DX:HR there are bosses here where you can't win with stealth only. So you will combine stealth with bombs, nails, mines, electricity.
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