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April 27th, 2013, 16:57
No need for that really. You'll definetly make enough nails/nailpacks as those are OP (assuming you upgraded that skill as early as possible) so this small bug some probably won't even notice. As for upgrades, you'll also definetly make three needed very soon on your outfit so the exploit won't bring you to some godlike character.

I really wish someone invested some more cash in that game, there is enough material there to widen the story and give more space to drugs, mutants, relics, etc. But then again, this game can be a start of a new sci-fi RPG franchise, as we all can remember how short FO1 was and what happened with that world afterwards.

I've finished it and while chapter 2 seemed too long because of mobrespawns, somehow after chapters 3 and 4 which are much shorter and without so many respawns, I wish there is more to the game. Since I've saved the game on the faction branch, I'll probably replay it from there tomorrow.

I can also add that they've made a good job with sidekicks, although somewhat silly and cheesy, although each is totally different, somehow I got attached to all of them. Completely different experience from the one I had with metacritic 82% DA2.
Perhaps I should visit the official forum, not to bragg about irrelevant bugs but to ask them to make the next war logs game as soon as possible. A game, not an add-on, not DLC!
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