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April 27th, 2013, 21:25
Originally Posted by Falchor View Post
As I understand it, the Neverwinter Foundry is less a traditional DIY toolset (like those found with NWN, TES, and-hopefully-Original Sin) and more a set of pre-fab building blocks that can be used to build standard fedex-type quests that align smoothly with the overall MMO environment. So, less modding and more basic customization of what's already there.

If someone has more info on that, I'd like to hear it, but that's my basic understanding.
You can make all sort of quests in the Foundry. I've seen investigation quests, arena fighting and simpler stuff in beta. You can even make campaigns (chained quests) and your own maps with buildings, NPCs, mobs and caves (but players need a quest to access them). The only limitations are that you can't import new models, add stuff that isn't supported by the game or cause exploits (i.e. XP/rewards level are based on your character level).

The stuff I tried in beta was similar to some of the modules I played in NW1&2.

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Can you get rid of that quest guide line thing? That is a huge turnoff.
Z key (it's a toggle on/off).
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