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April 28th, 2013, 06:17
Hi guys,

I know that everyone (including myself ) is still bleeding from the Divinity Original Sin Kickstarter but if you have any cash to spare and if you care the least bit about a AAA space sim with a single player campaign and a persistent universe, well, then check out Star Citizen's latest update here.

Special attention should be paid to the Why Back Now? section where Chris Roberts & co are presenting some excellent reasons why it's not too late to hop on the bandwagon yet.

They have even gone as far as adding two new stretch goals:

$9M STRETCH GOAL: If we can make it to $9 million in total pledges before the new site launches, we’ll go ahead and put a cool Roberts Space Industries Class II space suit in your closet, colored to match the new site! What’s more, every current pledger will get Lifetime Insurance! This will be your last opportunity to get LTI before the game launches.

$10M STRETCH GOAL: Our big goal before the website is $10 million. That’s a crazy amount of money, but we have a plan for it: $10 million would allow Cloud Imperium to build our own mocap studio rather than hiring out time from someone else. Renting mocap equipment and studio time is expensive: upwards of $35,000 a day, with four hours work for each 30-second segment. Having our own studio would cost more right now but will allow us to produce a lot more content for Star Citizen in the long run! We’ll provide more details very soon, but here’s one thought right now: it would even allow us to mocap a few lucky fans into the finished game!

By the way, I have backed a number of high profile Kickstarter projects now including Divinity Original Sin, Elite: Dangerous, Project Eternity, Shroud of the Avatar and, of course, Star Citizen, and let me assure you that out of those games, Star Citizen is by (VERY) far the one with the best and most frequent updates. Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games are plain awesome!

Just check out their Comm Link history (= website/game news including the weekly Wingman's Hangar videos) or the Spectrum Dispatch section with lore of the game (I mean the game is barely out of crowdfunding and already has DAYS worth of reading material right there!). Or check out the Aurora starter ship brochure. The attention to detail and the design process is simply amazing!

OK, I know I'm starting to sound like someone from the Cloud Imperium marketing department but as a space sim fan and a fan of Chris Roberts' past games, I just want to help get the word out there.
Please read Chris Roberts' message and help him, help us achieve those next stretch goals and even more independence from outside investors.

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