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April 28th, 2013, 19:37
I didn't like Nehrim's story at all. It was extremely lame. What they had mastered though, was level design. The world of Nehrim felt so much more alive than Oblivion. I truly think that Bethesda learned a lot from SureAI. While I'm not sure I would back a SureAI project unless they hired an English writer, I would love to see more projects of that scope.

As far as going crazy, with a nickname of nut, it only fits

Some folks gave from their little and they'll have to do without something. They sacrificed. I really didn't. I'm just fortunate to have a good job, and not much to spend it on. No kids, no mortgage, no car payments, etc. I did have to pay the taxman, or I might have given a little more. April is a crappy time for a kickstarter for those of us who have to pay, but for folks who get money back, it might be a good time
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