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April 28th, 2013, 23:44
What score do you think you'd get for that in a dork humor contest, Drithius? Calling people trolls on a game forum just because you don't agree their opinions is beyond cliche, wouldn't you agree? And your bastardization of an old joke (and a cliche one at that) didn't even make any sense. Nor was it funny. You get +10 on the abuse meter and +100 (max) on the group-think meter from me, but you get -100(max) for being dull and unoriginal and another -100(max) for being passive-aggressive. In case you suck at math, which most anti-social computer geeks do, surprisingly, that's a -90 for you, which is pretty bad. One of the lowest review scores I've ever given on a computer gaming forum. With as many posts as you have, it's unlikely you'll ever get better so I can't in good conscience tell you that you should L2P. Uninstall.
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