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April 29th, 2013, 00:40
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Well I'm a gamer first of all, and don't really care about casual or hardcore labels. I have been enjoying games for over 20 years.

Frankly label's mean nothing to me lately. To me the only things that matter at the end of any game is was it fun, and was it enjoyable. I don't pine for the good ole days I just play games.

Now that being said keep it civil on these topics.
I suppose this is an appropriate thread to post this, given the topic and given that you've given me one strike for… something or other.

I realize 20 years seems like a really long time, and I agree that enjoying games is the only valid reason for playing them. However, 20 years ago was about when I had my first run in with a biased game forum moderator. It was on the Compuserve RPG forums. I was criticizing Brenda Garno of Sirtech, who was active in those forums at the time, for her decision to make some sort of Druids point-and-click adventure game that nobody could possibly even remember the name of now, instead of Wizardry 8. That was only a year or so after Wizardry 7 had been released and as I recall Jagged Alliance had just shipped, and was doing well. And yet, Brenda at that time thought that games should be "more accessible", and that therefore their two biggest hits ever and their most recent releases should be put on hold. To make an adventure game for kids.

I thought that was a really dumb idea and I told her so. She disagreed. I think history shows which of us was right. The mod just couldn't stand it that I wasn't going along with the plan of pretending a game company celeb of sorts who deigned to use the RPG forum of compuserve could do no wrong. So she bashed me publicly and repeatedly, all while wearing her mod tags. So I had all the save game editors and other game utilities I'd coded and uploaded to Compuserve (and nowhere else) removed. There were quite a few of them, as I'd been playing games for quite a while by then and usually did a couple tools for every game I played. I had to submit a request for each one, and it took about a week before they were taken down. This mod then sent me a private email saying something like "Why have you removed these files!? These are very popular downloads and you're hurting the community" or some such crap. Which I didn't reply to. I figured since she didn't even remember being such an ass of a moderator that there wouldn't be much point. I've never really thought about that until today, because that was right about when the internet started taking off in a big way and I cancelled my Compuserve membership not long after.

But some things never really change, do they?


In case it's not obvious, the relevancy to this post is what Brian Fargo said about how the old game companies went wrong.
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