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April 29th, 2013, 01:49
As being the Turkish localization manager of Neverwinter, I have tried the closed beta. I install and play MMOs to analyze and understand the game for translation. And generally this process is boring for me. Because as a gamer I prefer single player RPGs, MMOs are not my thing.

But this time it was different. When I sat in front of my computer I played Neverwinter 6 hours nonstop. First this is not a NWN game, so players who want to play Black Isle style RPGs must look elsewhere. It's an action RPG, so if you like Diablo, Kingdom of Amalur kind of games you will most likely love this game.

Story revolves around Neverwinter. After the spellplague Neverwinter city was devastated and now overwhelmed with lots of problems. All manner of beasts and groups are trying to take hold of the city and you, as an adventurer, seek to eliminate these threats. This story reminds me somewhat Pool of Radiance. But since Neverwinter is an MMO, your actions do not make radical changes to the city.

Quests are standard fetch and kill tasks. But combats are really fun. Each character has a different playstyle which is a plus. Game was divided into zones. Each zone consists of a main area and several instances. You can see other players in the main area and monsters constantly respawn there. But in instances there's no respawn which is a plus. Each of the zone has unique architecture, monsters, etc. You can easily play the game solo. No need to gather a group to advance in the story.

Best part of the game is it's free. So install and play it, then decide for yourself.
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