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April 29th, 2013, 03:02
Originally Posted by CraigCWB View Post
SpoonFULL, I started gaming in the 1970s with Chainmail and D&D when I was a kid, so I've always had a preference for wargames and RPGs on the computer. I still do, though I've pretty much given up on RPGs. But one of my favorite games of the late 1980s was F-19 stealth fighter. Other games I liked a lot in the 1980s include King's Quest and other Sierra adventure games. I'm kinda all over the place too, so I get what you're saying. I'm pretty thin skinned about RPGs when people start telling me what I'm supposed to like, though. The genre has been all but destroyed by people who thought removing depth and complexity was a good idea, in a category where fans have always cherished depth and complexity. To me, it's like George R. R. Martin announcing halfway through the Game of Thrones series that he's switching to graphic novels and thinks his existing fans will like those better.
Are you kidding me, F-19 was the best - spent countless hours on that planning my raids over Libya - brilliant days.

Regarding the current shift or dumping down, I don't think that developers are mainly to blame and are in a similar position as any institution nowadays including hospitals, universities .. etc. who are managed by managers with sole purpose of making money and targetting the (many) casual gamers focusing on quantity rather than quality. Brian and co and other indies do bring balance to this inequality and we at least have a choice.
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