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April 29th, 2013, 03:04
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
CraigCWB: I think that the point is that we look at rpgs or game in general differently depending on our backgrounds and histories in gaming. I started playing games 23 years ago with preference towards flight simulator as I was interested in 3d graphics and ray tracing. That changed over the years to FPS and RPG due to change in my thinking, academic and social paths and also because of the change in technology.

Over the last 6 years my focus was mainly on RPG, and I enjoy visiting this forum and reading the posts of its dwellers which also include other game themes in addition to rpgs.

Therefore your experince and your look at rpgs is well advanced and more detailed than mine, but that should not stop me from enjoying rpgs as you do. At the same time I listen and value your opinions and others in this forum because of their experience and valuable insights.
This is generally what I was trying to say, SpoonFULL just happened to say it much less jerkfacedly. Craig, I was also trying to point out that you don't get to say who the target audience is. If I feel like it interests me, that is all that it requires. Nobody needs to ask for permission from a salty community member if they can be interested in a game.

I think less of you because you style yourself a dedicated fan of the genre when you're actually one of the easily amused casual gamers that lots of people here like to ridicule. You probably look down on people like you, yourself, so why complain when I do it?
No, I don't. I don't really worry about what other people like, because that's just silly. You're silly. Stop being silly. Have I said silly enough? Silly.

I'm here at RPGWatch because I like RPGs. Simple as that. I like old ones and I like new ones. I won't get caught up fighting a crusade for The Standard. That's because The Standard is different for everybody.
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