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April 29th, 2013, 12:16
Originally Posted by borcanu View Post
So you're saying you can't enjoy short stories , you only dig novels. I don't understand this, but heck, we're a weird species
No, I'm saying I don't feel like immersing myself in a game like this when I know it's over so soon. When I do manage to immerse myself, I want the game to last for a significant amount of time - or I'd be very frustrated.

Short stories are fine - but I don't play games as if they were a story. I play games because they're games - and I love immersing myself into a world more than anything - and RPG is the perfect genre for that.

If the game was absolutely fantastic - then maybe I'd experience it for the story and combat, but it doesn't look like a fantastic game. It looks like yet another so-so action RPG with tons of combat - except it's short.

Let's say the next TES game came out and was a fantastic game, but content only lasted for 10 hours.

Some gamers would probably be fine with it - because to them, length is irrelevant and they like "short stories" as much as "long stories."

Now you might say "but TES is different - of course it should be long" - and I'll throw your nonsense right back into your face: "Don't you like short stories?"

I would be extremely disappointed in a 10-hour TES game. That's just the kind of gamer I am, I suppose.

RPG, to me, is not a good genre for short games.




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