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April 29th, 2013, 14:49
A guy over at ENB has two tritans in an SLI set up but aye his resolution is insanely high. He indicated, with his custom ENB that he gets around 25-30 fps. I know some of them have 6Gigs of HR textures as well.

I found that with a ton of HR textures (I have lot) and many grass/foliage mods (especially Vurts one), slightly tweaked INI, and full graphic quality ENB settings my average FPS indoors is about 45-60+ depending on lighting and other variables.

Outdoors I average about 30-33 in non grassy areas and about 20-30 in grassy/high foliage areas. That is with shadows on high (versus ultra) and my AA set to 4. If I set the AA to 8 then my fps outside in grass drops to about 5-15 fps.

There are numerous other tweaks I could make to my INI files and a few to my ENB settings that would increase visual beauty but then my FPS comes to a halt. I suspect a Tritan would resolve that.

Do I need one? Course not :-) The point was more that I love maxing out my games and tweaking them. Just knowing the wall is there tends to be this little itch that makes me want to climb over it.

Just a sample of some things that can be done, as shown on the ENB site: http://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/vi…17&start=10210

I blame it on modding which I always avoided in the past. Skyrim was my first big plunge into it. So now I am interested in modding DD:OS and looking at some other games. Mainly using mods but I have also started to dabble a little in making my own. I would say this is part of the reason I still have so much enthusiasm. I am always eager to see the next wall over come. What will developers make or do? What will players make or do? I also just really enjoy playing computer games. Especially sandbox or RP style ones where I get to be a character in a movie (with more or less freedom depending on the game) or a book brought to life.
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