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April 30th, 2013, 12:13
Originally Posted by borcanu View Post
I'm not sure about that. I was wondering, what short RPG disappointed you?
The Witcher 2 comes to mind.

I was dreadfully disappointed with how short it turned out to be, particularly the last act. I think it was 40 hours or so - but I wanted 60-80 hours from it.

Deus Ex:HR was also too short (yes, I consider it a full blown RPG) - and I was very sad to learn that they cut the 3rd hub from the game.

Risen was way too short as well - and should have been double in length.

Basically, I invest myself in quality RPGs in a way that's unlike any other genre. I want to get lost in that world - and I want it to last until I'm done being invested.

If the above games lasted 10 hours - I simply wouldn't have bothered playing them. I'd have been too frustrated.

Even at 30-40 hours with these - I was frustrated - but the quality was so high that they ended up being great experiences anyway.

Nothing about Mars tells me it's worth investing myself for 10-15 hours only to get pulled out of it. It looks kinda amateur-hour to me.

As an example of "perfect" length-to-quality ratio - I think Mass Effect is a good example. It lasts for around 40 hours - and it's pretty much the perfect length for what it gives me.

KotOR is the same way for me.
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