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April 30th, 2013, 12:35
Well, my approach is that no game is too short, it was just designed badly.
The problem with Risen and most projects, is that they start with big plans, so the start is detailed and immersive, but then they get money problems or something, and tone everything down till the end.

I think that if a game would build momentum, and peak with the last act, you will have a very fond memory of that game.

I have an idea, I think the more time you spend in a game, the more chances are you feel immersed in it. So its kind of a trick when design is flawed.

Thinking of the lenghtiest RPGs I've played, Fallout2 comes to mind, and the momentum was great, going from a village to huge cities, and the plot just kept growing.

DeusEX didn't have any substance, was poorly written, and I think it was beyond saving, the design was just too poor all the way through.
Witcher2 had too many assets, and they tried spreading the game too much to cover all the graphics they had made and it looked flimsy and forced.. again the writing was bad.
Risen as I said, didn't make because they ran out of funds.. just like Revenant
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