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April 30th, 2013, 20:43
Originally Posted by mercy View Post
I worked in the game development industry and every time a company tanked it was because inexperienced and/or untalented people were hired. No quality product was made or work was very slow - in comparison to this talented people work super-fast - so publishers ceased paying for crap and the whole studio filled with crappy developers closed down. This happened at least five times.

Pray that real talent was hired or else Mass Effect is done with the trilogy.
Kind of an amusing choice, imo. You take people that basically tanked a company, and put them in charge of a series that, at best, has also tanked. I can almost smell the desperation in the air off this one. And no, I'm not a fan of KoA or ME (after the first one, which I actually enjoyed).
The available material on the failure of Studio 38 is pretty public. And from every account I've read, your comments are essentially garbage. The financial mismanagement of the company was paramount to its failure. The game according to most reviewers was generally "ok, if pretty derivative". The company hinged on getting CoD blockbuster level sales and might have failed even at that. Stingray's comment is probably the best made of the bunch. If you're worried about the direction the ME universe takes, base it on that, not the failed studio. I think it's pretty clear it rests solidly on Mr. Schilling's shoulders.
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