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April 30th, 2013, 22:30
Originally Posted by BillSeurer View Post
Kicktraq shows them trending toward $420,682
Kicktraq trends are generally as trustworthy as a thin chef. As for the chances of this game not sucking, even if the kickstarter will be successful, they're not exactly great. I've not heard of a single game in this list:


Oh, and their mission statement is downright cringeworthy:

Our mission is to deliver new strategy games for the "soccer dad" group.

By that we mean old school gamers that now have family, jobs, children. Soccer dads would love to play some more hardcore themed games but do not have 200 hours console time to play the latest AAA RPG. But they do have 10-15 minutes here and there on different devices.

The choices given to "soccer dads" these days are limited. And that is the gap we are trying to fill with our games.

Why do we care about this player group? Because we are soccer dads ourselves!
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