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May 1st, 2013, 07:26
I really think Richard should do these chats wearing a purple robe and crown.

I'm a huge Ultima fan, but I'm not crazy about UO (of which I was an early beta tester) or any MMORPG. I like to be the central character of the story, the one who saves the world, not a dirt farmer or blacksmith. However, the premise of SotA sounds interesting… basically, all player characters are from a distant land (Earth) and travel to New Britannia (sound familiar?) through a lunar rift (moongate).

Our avatars are immortal; That is, we can and will die but won’t stay dead, which can strike fear into the locals. The fact that there are many “avatars” from another world will be an integral part of the story, but there can be only one true Avatar (or very few). I’m reminded of the Highlander movies.

Overall, I’m pleased with the direction of this game, and how Ultima-like it will be. I only hope that $2M is enough for what they have in mind… Traditional MMOs are extremely expensive to create; WoW cost $63M while SWTOR cost a whopping $200M .
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