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May 1st, 2013, 07:42
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Look, I just don't want another mobrespawn grinder. In fact forget that, I'm not any factor.
Simply said if the gameplay in ME4 is discontinued and KoAdized, I won't buy it and good luck to all who love grinding. And I certainly won't buy it on sales later, I did buy KoA but still didn't care to install it as I can't be arsed to kill billions of same mobs over and over.
You didn't install it? Did you play it?

I didn't. But I know that the enemies re-spawn in the wilderness every 2 days. And this can apparently be a nuisance only if you do a lot of fast-traveling, back and forth. I guess it should be mentioned, that most old-school RPG's used to have massive amounts of random encounters in the wilderness.

Coming from people who have actually played the game: Apparently there is no need for grinding, you can even ignore the majority of the sidequests to complete the game.

…Well, I just checked: You made the same complaints in the RPGwatch review thread for Amalur, without playing the game. And even there members of this forum told you that the game doesn't have noticeable re-spawning, and nobody mentioned need for grinding.
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