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May 1st, 2013, 20:36
The next step might be to get clarification from Larian on what we're supposed to come up with, versus what they're going to do. Let's say they want some artist's renderings of what the Watchtower will look like in game. We can ask Vurt and other known artists on our site to submit drawings for consideration.

Perhaps they want the book written by us. If so, we need to know where the tower is going to be placed in game so that the book reflects this. We wouldn't want to write about the barren wasteland in the book just to have the tower placed in a forest. Has Jaz agreed to write? Did she donate to the Watch to be elligible, etc.

I don't mind the statue looking like HiddenX, but his character doesn't look like anyone in a previous game; for instance top hats have never been seen, that I can remember, etc.
Hidden might have someone redraw his avatar with a variety of clothing and styles, to expedite the conversion to game assets.

In other words, we probably need to start a workflow chart of some kind to make sure we cover our responsibilities towards the project.
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