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May 1st, 2013, 19:43
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Look, you may have fun with grinding, I despise it. In some games I actually do find it made good:
1. Mechanics to stop respawning (examples are Drakensang, FarCry3 and The Witcher 2)
2. Specific areas where you have to escape or run through ignoring them instead of grinding (example is Undying and The Witcher 1)

But in KoA, and if that matters in boring Oblivion, there is no mechanics to stop respawns nor you can shutdown some area where mobs appear endlessly after running through them as they constantly appear practically everywhere.

My problem is that I believe endless respawns exist in games where devs had no ideas about addind different and interesting content so to keep you occupied, they just force you to fight 8374568347562352345264372645327 mobs. And IMO, that's a rubbish design. And because of so many games with such crap, I'm still adoring playing classic adventures where you can't find respawns.
I'm not a fan of grinding. And like i said, there is no need to grind in Amalur. Oblivion was pretty dull in Vanilla, but awesome after adding OOO and some other key mods - One my all-time best gaming experiences.

People who have played Amalur, have said the re-spawns are barely noticeable, and there is no need for grinding.

Regarding classics: Most classic RPG's had re-spawn. It was pretty much the default setting in RPG games throughout the 80's and 90's. Good luck trying to clear the game out of monsters in any of the Ultima's, SSI games like Pool Of Radiance, Westwood titles like Eye Of The Beholder, Baldur's Gate (Part 2 was one of the first open world RPG's to remove respawning), etc. Even closed-environent dungeon-crawlers like Dungeon Master 1 & 2 had heavy re-spawns.

It wasn't really until late 90's and early 00's, that we started getting re-spawn free RPG's. The further you go back in time, the more ridicilous the re-spawns get. Anyone who has played 80's and early 90's RPG's can testament that re-spawned monster encounters were extremely common.
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