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May 1st, 2013, 22:26
Originally Posted by blatantninja View Post
I wasn't interested in this game at first, but after viewing the demo my interest is piqued. Not sure about using save points, but that's probably just because I haven't used them before in a game. No inventory seems weird.
That's because there IS an inventory. Whoever said that there wasn't going to be an inventory is either completely misinformed or trolling. Have you watched the alpha gameplay video? The characters have weapons, which can be bought at weapon shops. The Shaman has a backpack with magical fetishes. HBS has also stated there will be quest related items (i.e., a keycard that you can use to open a door).

It might be accurate to say that there will be a limited inventory. Ammunition is unlimited (but you have to spend an AP to reload when a clip runs out). There won't be any randomized loot system (i.e., no finding random nuyen on corpses).
But yes, there will be an inventory.
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