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May 2nd, 2013, 10:09
Yes that is true, at least that was my experience also when we played shadowrun P&P. In Shadowrun you play runners, doing high risk dirty jobs for rich and often shady clientele. Preparing for the run was often a big part of a game session. You usually have quite a bit of money, as an advance or from the last job, so you buy the necessary weapons, electronics, software and other equipment. This can be a fun part of the game, we often spent a long time discussing how to approach a run. Do we use a brute force approach with explosives to gain access, or try a stealthy hacking approach? where do we get explosives, it's highly regulated illegal stuff. Can we build improvised explosives? Who has the skills to put that together? Etc. The run itself is often a high speed in-and out kind of thing against superior opposition, so indeed looting is not envisioned as a major element.

From what I read, they technically have loot drops implemented, but they use it very rarely in their campaign and rather to drop quest relevant items than random loot. I assume modders could make it a more important element in campaigns they build with the level editor.
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