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May 2nd, 2013, 15:51
Since it's on Steam sale I've bought The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

And since I couldn't install for whatever reason pink FarCry3 yesterday, installed this adventure instead.
And it's awsome! The story is thrilling, graphics/sound is great (except for odd lipsync issues, but okay, I won't be nitpicking) and puzzles scale from easy to hard (took me a few minutes to "crack" chessbased puzzles, but I believe I've wasted 2 hours on a certain bank chest puzzle). The hintsystem is also added and nicely presented as Sherlock's "sixth sense". If you don't want to waste your time on some puzzle, or if that puzzle seems too hard for you, there is also an option to skip it (well, I won't be doing that, but a nice feature for ppl who just want to see what happens next). Also a thing more I haven't seen elsewhere, based on facts you collect throught the game there is a table with all facts presented where you build a tree with deduction choices - in the end you reconstruct what happened at the certain crime scene.

If the rest of the game is of the same quality as the first few locations, this baby definetly deserves 10/10 - unlike other S. Holmes games I've played, this one contains also humor!
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