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May 2nd, 2013, 15:54
Originally Posted by lostforever View Post
So again, why play an MMO if you don’t like the social aspects?
I do like the social aspect, I just don't like it being forced upon me. Like I said - I am still an active raider in WoW, over eight years after it was released. I've played it without breaks since then. These days I mainly do group content in WoW as I've experienced almost everything else.

When I level, however, I play it the way I do single player games. I get into the lore, the characters, setting, quests and so on and do it at my own pace.

The simple truth is: I prefer single player games overall, but there aren't enough of them to fill my schedule. I have virtually no back log, so I tend to play MMOs and replay old stuff between game releases. Recently I replayed ME1-3 and I'm currently replaying Gothic 1-3. I'm thinking of Skyrim after that, but I'm not sure yet. In addition to that, I'm raiding in WoW, mostly as a filler activity.
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