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May 2nd, 2013, 15:13
Joxer: maybe you can try The Cat Lady next - my wife liked it alot and from what I heard it is unique.

Back to topic: I am playing Red Faction Guerrilla - what an amazing game! It is an open world game on Mars where your brother was killed by the bad EDF since he was part of the Red Faction resistance movement. You then recieve missions from your safe house to acomplish in any way you please. You have a large array of vechiles to drive and a large array of weapons to buy, upgrade and customise from the salavage that you collect from making damage to EDF structures. Oh, forgot to mention one tiny thing: EVERY STRUCTURE IN THE GAME CAN BE BROKEN DOWN AND DESTROYED using Volition's GeoMod2.0 engine. Damage is also persistant, and as you destroy more EDF facilities, their influence reduces and the morality of the people increases. This is very important, because then you can liberate more regions from the EDF and people can also help you during your misssions which is vital as many missions are difficult to accomplish alone.

I am very impressed with the reactivity in the world, freedom given to the player in terms of approaching missions, the large world, and the contiuous plot/weapons/enemies development in this open world structure. There are also many side missions and achievements scattered on the map that you can follow.

Very impressive world reactivity, and the graphics, sound effects and music are all well done and ahead of their time. It is sad that this game did not get the recognition it deserves (I think it came out the same time as Farcry 2 and Fallout 3).

For me, this is a 9/10 game - the minus one beause of the large/consoley user interface.
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