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May 2nd, 2013, 16:41
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
I do like the social aspect, I just don't like it being forced upon me. Like I said - I am still an active raider in WoW, over eight years after it was released. I've played it without breaks since then. These days I mainly do group content in WoW as I've experienced almost everything else.

When I level, however, I play it the way I do single player games. I get into the lore, the characters, setting, quests and so on and do it at my own pace.

The simple truth is: I prefer single player games overall, but there aren't enough of them to fill my schedule. I have virtually no back log, so I tend to play MMOs and replay old stuff between game releases. Recently I replayed ME1-3 and I'm currently replaying Gothic 1-3. I'm thinking of Skyrim after that, but I'm not sure yet. In addition to that, I'm raiding in WoW, mostly as a filler activity.
Couple of things,

First I envy you! No back log and you have replayed many single player games!!! I wish I can do that.

Second, I think I kind of understand you in that you are playing MMOs to fill time when you don't have any single player games to play. Also I think there is different levels and types of social aspects people prefer. I like to be in groups when I am levelling. I stayed in one spot for hours with my group (sometimes PUGS) and simply killing mobs. These days its called "grinding" but it was super fun back then. The people in the group made all the difference.
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