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May 2nd, 2013, 17:13
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
I'm in the other camp - I hate being forced to group up. I don't mind it as far as end game goes, and I'm still an active raider in WoW, but I don't like relying on anyone when levelling.

In most MMOs, I'm a fairly fast leveller and often end up among the first at max level - having to group up when there are only 5 people on your own level makes levelling extremely painful, so I like being able to do it all on my own.

SW: TOR probably had the smoothest levelling I've experienced. I loved it. I have a level 50 of every (base) class now. Age of Conan had even better levelling for about 20 levels, but then it fell apart completely.
Fully agreed - I put off playing SW:TOR for a long time due to all the negative things I heard about it, and finally gave it a try when it went free-to-play. Now I feel I was missing out. I really enjoy the class and planetary storylines and dark/light options, and those are best enjoyed alone, saving the heroic quests and dungeons for group experiences when you feel like it.

Though actually, in rebuttal to Zloth: I don't know how it functioned at launch, but there are lots of reasons to group up in TOR for normal leveling if you so desire. You earn social points, get a group-wide XP boost, and all instances (even regular story quests) are automatically set to a harder difficulty with the inclusion of tougher elite enemies. I've been leveling a character with a couple friends this way, and we've been having a blast.

I think the system works great. Too bad Elder Scrolls Online probably won't have anything like the storyline options because the Elder Scrolls series isn't really known for its choices & consequences…
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