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May 2nd, 2013, 18:03
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
I thought about buying TCL when it was released but seriously didn't like the rough yet tried to be turned into pop art graphics style. I've added it to the notes what could be good (to buy eventually), so thanks for the suggestion.
I got the game from one of the previous Groupees bundles, so you don't have to buy it now and chances are you will find it later on as part of an indie bundle.

Guerilla you say… One question before I (waste more cash on nonRPG and ) buy it - are those vehicles you mention required to drive in missions? I uninstalled Mafia because of stupid formula mission as I despise car simulators. On the other hand, I adored Mako (jumps) in ME.
You don't need to waste money, I bought the Steam code over ebay for 0.99 ($1.4) which is the best best deal in my life. Regarding vehicles (cars, lorries, garbage trucks, taxis, WALKERS (big hulking robots!), EDF armoured vehicles with mounted turrets, Mouranders (savage) vehicles .. etc.), you drive them to reach mission location, pick up guerrillas to raid locations/safe houses, smash into buildings and structures, load them with bombs and drive them into buildings!, but no driving simulation - just pure fun. Also you can have as many jumps over the hills as you want - it is so much fun.

A small warning, if you piss the EDF and the warning level increases, there will be many EDF (respwning) soldiers coming after you until you hide and stay away for a while until your warning level comes down again.
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