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May 2nd, 2013, 18:09
Originally Posted by SonOfCapiz View Post
random loot tables and dead bodies cause them problems? I'd have thought with all the games with random loot tables and dead bodies (every arpg ever) that would be a non-issue by now.
Yeah that bit about random loot tables being to hard is getting repeated a few places but I can't really tell what prompted people to think that. I see it in the unofficial FAQ but everything direct from HBS seems to be quite clear that the type of interactions with the corpse they didn't want to deal with was you walking over it - both visually and in terms of path-finding and collision. Maybe they meant they didn't want to balance a random loot system as that's not generally how rewards in runs in shadowrun are structured. Perhaps the confusion is because the original answer was poorly worded and conflated the answer whether or not npcs would drop loot and why they had disappearing bodies.

It seems pretty obvious to me that there is no technical barrier to random loot drops from npcs or even lootable coprses - only an problem of aesthetics. The FAQ states the editor can set npcs to leave bodies and/or items. In terms of capability of having lootable coprses with random loot, the only other part is setting up arrays/tables with loot and calling a random number. I mean seriously, do people really think the reason that npcs don't drop random loot is because calling a random number and creating tables is beyond their programming capabilities? Reworking how they're used to thinking of rewards for runs and rebalancing how payment for jobs works in their game so that portions of it are effectively vested in vendor trash you have to pick up after you kill things might have taken a little bit of work - but I don't see them viewing that is prohibitive but more just counter-productive.

The reason npcs don't drop random loot is because that's not how runs in Shadowrun setting tend to work. The reason why they don't leave behind bodies is explained in the response from HBS- the only technical challenge they didn't seem to want to deal with was what would be required to not have corpses look goofy when your party was walking over them. From the way they explain it, the decision seems to be one of it not being worth having corpses stay on the screen that they didn't intend to drop loot during runs anyway.

It should be fairly simple for modders to create runs and campaigns that do have loot-dropping corpses and random loot tables if they want. Since they have already described how pretty much any prop can be made interactive, it would be even simpler to implement loot stashes secreted away in custom runs you created as well. If modders agree that persistent corpses look bad, they should easily be able to do what many other games that have disappearing corpses and NPCs that still drop loot do - write a script that places an interactive loot-bag prop on NPC death with a tag that denotes what NPC or NPC type was killed to generate it. Write another script that generates loot based on the NPC/npc-type, adds it to player inventory, and deletes prop when it is interacted with. Modders would have to create their own loot tables but those two very simple scripts would only have to be written once and would only be a couple of lines at most.
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