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May 2nd, 2013, 18:16
Originally Posted by Cacheperl View Post
Exactly, they did no harm. And thanks to the PA Report Author, they even got news coverage. There, and here. It worked. And just at the right point in the campaign.

So while the article may want to tell what not to do, it actually shows how to do it. Expect more SPAM in the future.
Very unlikely. PA Report has the right of it. If you're going to spam form letters, you're going to make more sites ignore you than follow you. Ben isn't the only one who figured this was being caused by the Kickstarter's creators, since it didn't *look* like a passionate plea, it looked like identical emails being spawned by spambots over and over.

The truth is the Camelot Unchained fans fucked up, and the studio running it encouraged them numerous times to stop it as it is harmful, and now PA Report even explains clearly why it's harmful and how to do better, and what do they get for it? Flames and trolls in the comments until they have to lock it?

I can appreciate passion but this is all exactly the wrong way to go about it. Find and contact people and sites you know are interested, and reach out to them in personalized form. Spamming form letters and flaming journalists who point out that that's stupid is not the way to go about it.
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