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May 2nd, 2013, 20:18
Originally Posted by Myrthos View Post
How do you know they did no harm and the game would not have more coverage? Who is to say that even more sites would have reported about it if they would not have send out all those mails?
My view is at least as plausible as the one presented in the PA article. Who is to say indeed? First off, there is no way to proof whether they'd have got more or less news coverage. Sure. Cant go back in time to try otherwise.

Still, there are reasons that made me say there was no harm done.

They got news coverage. And since said news referred to the spam mails, it was clearly news coverage that had been triggered by the spam. Thus, at least partly a success.

Also, there is no visible negative bump or anything in their gains in the last days. It pretty much looks like most other Projects of that type. See http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/138…lot-unchained/. Of course that is vague, but it definitely does not support the idea of any harm done.

That's what forms my opinion. I never claimed to have some scientific study on the topic, some form of obviously-true-knowledge or proof sufficient for court. Neither does Ben Kuchera.

Normally if someone takes the effort of sending us a mail and it fits somehow I make a newspost out of it. This was just spamming and achieved in my case the opposite effect and in the case of Penny Arcade as well apparently and perhaps other sites felt the same.
I understand. Archiving/Deleting/Ignoring those spam messages would be the right approach.

But the actual reaction I observe here is (in my humble opinion) not that. Responding to spam is the wrong approach. And an article is a very strong response.

I never tried to answer the spam messages I receive. But I'm sure, the result of telling a bot-network that I dont really need any viagra would be zero at best. At worst, I would confirm my mail adress to be connected to an active user. Resulting into even more spam. Of course that is not the very same thing, because my spam largely is produced by bot-networks, not by some viagra fan group. Just an illustration of the problem I see here.
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