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May 2nd, 2013, 20:57
Todd, there have been excessive complaints about "lockboxes" from many games taking over normal drops.

If you don't believe that this isn't huge with companies consider the founder of Bioware Sacramento (aka KlickNation) who developed a real money lottery system and made $200000 off a guy to get a 1/10000 item at $10 a roll. He had his head in the clouds the whole lecture going on about "what it means".

When I mentioned to him (as a professor) that the Feds shut down the poker sites for doing this he quickly chimed that it wasn't gambling since real money wasn't being exchanged. Before I could question that technicality which the Poker sites also tried to use (ie. "the law isn't clear") he changed the subject by taking another question.

The lockboxes were found to be a way get a few bucks off players by exploiting their curiosity. Its become a huge problem in Asian games and I wish the Feds would do something about it over here.
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